Increase Life Success and Reduce Stress
with our Practical, Evidence-Based Approaches

Proven Effectiveness

Being a great Dad is tough today. It seems like everyone has an opinion on how to parent.

All of our approaches are based on modern brain science and evidence-based approaches. You'll be exposed to the most useful and best approaches for your kids.

Strong Community

We are a strong community of Dads who want the very best for our kids. This includes financial freedom and parenting skills.

We have some amazing classes, including goal crushing and our Divorced Dads Intensive

Value of Dads

Rad Dads help our kids right now, and for their best possible futures.

 Kiddos with involved Dads have better life outcomes. Absence of Dads leads to trauma, higher risk of undesired behavior and long-term health issues for kids.  Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for free tips.

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