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Dad Weekend Challenge One

Your challenge should you choose to accept it!

Just about every weekend, we'll send out a simple set of challenges for you to do with your kiddos. Now, we know that you may not have your kids every weekend, so do the ones you can.

These three challenges won't take a ton of time - and we'll always work to keep them los cost or free. However, all of them will be beneficial to you and your kids. 

We'll share in a later post the science and reasoning behind these activities and their benefits to you and your child(ren).

Keep it up Rad Dad!

Walk for 20+ Minutes

Take a walk with your kid(s), ideally in a place you haven't been to before. Try a nearby park, nature area, or a historic neighborhood. If the weather is bad, there's always the option of a mall or museum.  You can, of course, walk for longer!

Go to the Library

Go to your local library and check-out five books. Yes, books. You can check out movies and music too, and be sure to check out books. Many libraries do have activities such as legos and crafts. Check the calendar for that. Bonus points if you check out a book and you each have some reading time together.

Make a Drawing Together

No matter what your kids ages are, and even if they are adults, make a drawing together. You can either draw on the same sheet of paper or each your own - either is fine. 

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About the Author Chris

Chris has worked in tech for 30 years, and healthcare tech for 8 of those. He's on the advisory board of Harvard-Based Think:Kids, and runs Rad Dad Rules. He is the proud Dad of two awesome kids, and lives in the Pacific Northwest.

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  • Jamie says:

    My girls love those adult coloring books more than the kids ones, lol. They love when I take part and color a page too, then we all compare our work at the end. It’s really fun. You can get some great ones on amazon.

    • Mel says:

      We love those too. We got some great markers and pencils on amazon as well. Our favorite new thing is watercolor pencils.

  • Morgan says:

    The library these days is so underrated. Tons of great books there.

  • Jack says:

    Happy that spring is here and is perfect walking weather. Being stuck at home is even more reason to get out of the house and walk.

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