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Dads, be Rad for your kids, and easily navigate the next stages of their life!

Dads, avoid the traps! When we are going through divorce we are in trauma,
and can often make poor decisions effecting our case, and our lives.

Divorce is a whirlwind. It will create overwhelm, un-needed drama, fighting and it can be hard to focus on our kids. While we may think we are invincible, we clearly aren't, and we all need some help.

During this time, we often don't listen to family, friends, or lawyers - even if  the advice is sound. What's worse, there are very few male-focused resources available to you.

Some Dads have a heavy guilt complex, and give up too early, not realizing the lifelong choices they are making. Because of this mind-set, Dads can unknowingly make choices that will effect them for decades.

Other Dads fall into the trap of marrying again too quickly - at the peril of their kids as well as themselves.

Certain Dads, out of fear or anger, give up on their critical role as a parent, with devastating effects on their children.

Dads are often exceptional parents, but due to circumstances may not appear to be on paper. How can you prove in court you are a great parent?

And, while there are counseling options and divorce coaches, how effective are they? Are they evidence-based and science backed? Do they really help you move forward or do they just want more appointments for their livelihood?

Introducing the Divorced Dads Intensive

Using science-backed and evidence-based approaches, we help all Dads be Rad for their kids - and themselves. Dads get more out of this course, because it's delivered from a fellow Dad who went through similar struggles. It's a convenient online course you can take at your own pace.

The holistic approach addresses handling stressors, better understanding your kids, creating and achieving goals for the next stages of your life. The course is packed with practical tips to be a great parent (and co-parent). Upon completion, you will also have two certifictes that demonstrate your expertise and commitment to your children. Rad!

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Here’s What You Will Get When They Sign Up

After paying, access is instant and you can start right away. This self-paced course takes 10-30 minutes/day and can be completed within a few weeks. The access to classes and resources continues forever, so you can review and re-take portions as you like. Enrollment in the additional bonuses below generally takes 1-2 business days. At the end of the course, you will receive two certificates for completing all portions. One comes from the National Fatherhood Institute, and one from us.

We hear consistently that this course is a great value to the Dads we serve.

By Dads, For Dads

These are messages you will only hear here. Our course has a unique perspective, created by divorced Dads to benefit the very same. Because of this, we have found our students take this info in more easily than they would from a friend, counselor or lawyer.

Science-Backed, Evidence Based

While this is by Dads for Dads, it is both scientifically backed and evidence based. We consulted professionals who are experts to ensure our students get the very best materials. 

Better Kiddo Outcomes

We build on where Dads are already great, and help them expand to be even more exceptional. This results in better outcomes for their kids.

Better Financial Future

All too often, those in divorce make choices when they are not in the best mindset. We help Dads make choices not out of guilt, anger or haste, but in their (and their kid's) best interests long-term.

Here’s what people are saying about the course

We're flattered at the early reviews of our course. Our clients are learning how to focus on their kids in this difficult time. Even better, they are planning their future instead of focusing on fighting. In addition to these comments, we receive consistent feedback to how practical this course is, and that it is well worth the investment!

Adriana F.


Less Drama for Our Clients

Our clients love Rad Dad Rules and we do too. There's way less drama and it's easier to have them concentrate on legal issues. Highly recommend!

Mark L

Technical Professional

Kept me from traveling 300 miles!

Divorce Intensive made me aware of a major blind spot, that my ex was planning to use to move 300 miles away. I'm certainly more focused on my kids than I was.

Gary H


Game Changer

Prior to this class, I felt overly guilty and was going to give away too much time to my ex-wife. I appreciate the direct, practical guidance. It made a big difference!

What's In the Divorced Dad's Intensive?

Here's What You'll Find in Each Module


Module 1: Focus on the Dads

Dads in divorce are in trauma, and sometimes will not realize this. We help Dads to get centered, prioritize what is important, and create a one year plan that they will follow. We also introduce some brain science that we build on in the next section.


Module 2: Focus on the Kids

Using brain science from leading experts, we explain what kids are going through in divorce, and how to best help them. We also motivate Dads to maximize their time with their kids, and even give suggestions for working with your exes.


Module 3: Focus on Next Stages

Being a single Dad can be overwhelming. We provide practical tips for everything from cooking and cleaning, to clothing, bedtime, getting ready for school, and learning. We want you set-up for an amazing next stage of your life, regardless of your past.


For a limited time, we are including three bonuses!

To help our Rad Dads succeed, we've included three bonus items with this Intensive. 

Bonus 1
Fathering in Fifteen

Included in our course is the nationally-recognized Fathering In Fifteen Program. In powerful, but short lessons, the National Fatherhood Institute reminds Dads why they matter, and how to be a phenomenal father figure. Upon completion, Dads receive a certificate confirming their dedication.

Bonus 2
Three E-Books

To provide additional resources, we are including three e-books for references and continued learning, including: 

Parenting Through Divorce

Single Parenting

Understanding Sleep

Bonus 3
Private Facebook Group and Monthly Calls

To top it off, we provide a private Facebook group, for Dads to interact with their peers. They can vent, brainstorm and support each other through this transition.

In addition, we share 10 coaching calls (recording) of the top topics our clients have asked us about - creating a more conversational approach to learning.

About The Course Teacher,

Like your clients, Chris is a dedicated Dad who loves his kiddos. He is a certified life coach, and an advisory board member of Think:Kids, based at Harvard. Chris is also a busy technical professional who can relate to the schedule and emotional challenges of co-parenting. As a parent of an autistic child, Chris especially understands the challenges divorced Dads face with kids who struggle. He lives in the Pacific Northwest, and enjoys normal Dad stuff like cars, college sports and beer.

Why this course, and all Dads Matter

The National Fatherhood Institute shares that the lack of strong father figures is a $100 Billion annual problem in the US. We want to help you be part of this solution.

After divorce, getting on your feet again as a Dad, has a huge financial value and benefit to our society.

Alternatives to this course include hundreds of hours of counseling and divorce coaching costing many thousands of dollars. Or worse, the result of poor choices during a difficult time causing major issues with your children and their futures.

Our goal at Rad Dad Rules is to reach 10,000 Dads in our first year, and many more after. We have priced our courses this way, instead of what a University Course or three-day seminar would cost. We have also included outside expertise, e-books, peer connectivity and certifications to make this a complete offering to your clients.

If we were only about making money, our course would be priced something like $5250 (don't worry, see below - it's nowhere near this much):

  • Expert E-Courses ($2500 value)
  • Three Books ($150 value)
  • Monthly Coaching Calls ($1500 value)
  • Private FB Group ($600)
  • Fathering in 15 ($500)
  • Certificates (Priceless)

However, as you can see below, we've priced this to be affordable, so we can reach as many Dads as possible. And right now, you save with a special $75 discount!

regular course

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  • $75 Discount for Limited Time!
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regular course

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  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
Advanced course

One sentence summary of what they get




  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • X number of bonuses
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 30 minute private coaching call

Discounted Course Enrollments close on March 31, 2020


100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

We offer a 15-day, no questions asked, refund policy. If you feel this course and bonuses are not worth the value you paid, just email us and we will refund your money. We also welcome suggestions for improvement so we can make this better.

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You've Got This... And We Can Help!

This is what I wish my friends, lawyers, counselors and family would have told me during my divorce. Simply put, this is a great investment in yourself and your kids, and sets you up for a win for years to come.

While I'm thankful for my life now, knowing what's in this course would have saved years of suffering, thousands of dollars, and made an even better life for my kids.

From one divorced Dad to another, this intensive will absolutely benefit you and your kiddos. Looking forward to having you join us!

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