Earn $2000 in two weekends !

Boost your income with this proven side hustle.  Pay off debt, create funds for education, and  get ahead financially.

Why settle for $20/hour part-time gigs when you can make 2-3 times that?

We'll show you how to gain new customers and build your side business quickly.  

You can have a new solid side income 
and still enjoy your family, friends, and a primary career. In two weekends a month you will easily make an extra $2000.

Course Highlights

First Detail Covers Cost!

Follow the 11 classes in this course -  and it will pay for itself in the first detail you book. We keep it practical, so you can enjoy income quickly. We're serious about your success!

Start Ahead of The Rest

Learn pro tips to enjoy success, and differentiate yourself from the competition. Don't follow into the common traps others do!

Learn the Best Niches

Discover a detailing specialty that works -in every economy and location - and always makes money. Yes, even right now!

Coaching From The Best

Learn from experienced professionals! The course includes bonus content from  prominent detailers across the US.

Enjoy Better Outcomes !

Yes, there are a lot of free courses on detail technique and what products to buy. 

And Yes, there are also $1500 classes that only teach technique and product.

However, there are no classes like this that show you how to be profitable quickly,
attract new customers, and enjoy immediate success!

This course is based on the same approach used for over 20 years.
Students have consistently earned $2000 a month - and many have made over $40k a year as a side income!

Some of our students have also gone full-time with detailing, and make well into the six figures.

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Side Detail Hustle now!
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Take this proven online course to learn how to start your detail side hustle now. It's complete with 11 classes and 3 expert detailer interviews.

We make it easy for you to start strong, and we kept the price lower than what you'll make on the first detail. For $249 $87 you'll learn to make $900 your first month!

Why This Matters Right Now

For most of us, it's difficult to make ends meet. The average American has thousands of dollars of credit card debt, student loans and struggles to get ahead. 

Many turn to side jobs like driving for others, running errands and delivering for large companies. However, they are finding that the pay with those side jobs doesn't make things that much easier, and they miss their family and free time.

This detailing side hustle works in every economy.
Our students find it's nearly double the income of driving for Amazon, Uber, Lyft and other common side jobs.

To make it even better for you, you'll learn a detail specialty that is often overlooked, with nearly endless opportunity.

What You Get In This Course

We structured this course to be practical and profitable. It's designed for your success!

  1. 1
    Useful Content. Our complete instruction - 11 classes - includes how to get customers, how to structure your business so it's automated, how stay motivated and  how to be consistently profitable. It's great for beginners or those who have already started.
  2. 2
    Industry Secrets. You can certainly go at it on your own, and learn the hard way - or we can help you enjoy success earlier. Learn how to avoid the mistakes others make and discover business opportunities many overlook. Also hear from three other detail professionals.
  3. 3
    Proven Plan. We break this down for you to make $900+ in your first month after taking the course. Some of our students do this in a few weeks. You'll also learn a phased approach to add customers and new services, without going into more debt!

CHRIS REAVIS //  Instructor and Detail Addict

Hey everyone -

Years ago, even though I had a good job, I had racked up way too much debt and wasn't sure how to save for my kid's college funds. Even with solid money management, I needed a side hustle. 

Today, thanks to that effort, I'm out of debt, my kid's college funds are healthy, and I'm able to invest for the future. It's a great feeling I'd like you all to have, so that's why I created this class!

Right now, it's a difficult time for many with employment - so we also kept this affordable so your first detail client more than pays for your investment in this class.


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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you attend all the classes, and apply the techniques - and don't feel you received value from it, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund. Remember, your first detail more than pays for the course!

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