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Five Sensational Ways to Easily Tame Your Man Mane Now

Practical Tips for Men's Hair

Today, as we shelter at home, our hair continues to grow, past what we are used to.

Yes, it may seem vain at first. However, looking our best and grooming ourselves can help us feel a bit more normal and less cave man.

We interviewed an elite stylist – Adriana Fournier – to get the answers. She’s the co-founder of Hair Method Studio, and on the elite shave team for American Crew. She especially enjoys the positive psychological effect of a fitting haircut.

Here are the five expert tips to manage your mane during socially distancing times:

Style and Condition Tips

Adriana recommends changing your style every three weeks, and making sure to condition. “Conditioner is a must always, but even more so as your hair gets longer. When people grow their hair out, they tend to use more hair products - which can cause dryness or irritation to the scalp. Using a conditioner brings your scalp and hair back to its normal pH, making your hair easier to style and manage.”

Cutting Hair at Home

Be careful here gents and don’t do the flow-bee cut. Says Fournier, “Do not do anything drastic. Just clean up around the edges - mainly ear and neckline. Then, you can follow with a razor below the natural neckline.”

Neck Trims

Adriana recommends doing the neck trim after a shower “Trim after a shower when the hair follicle and skin are warmed up (helping to get the closest shave possible). You may also use a wet towel warmed up in the microwave for 1 min (then apply to the neckline).” She recommends a small amount of shave gel and a smooth razor glide.  Cleanliness matters too, says Adrian. “Be sure to clean skin and tools before and after use. Bacteria can build up and cause ingrown hairs (especially in the neck line). Use a post shave cooling lotion or a toner after, to help close the pores and clean any bacteria from getting into the hair follicle.”

Thinning Hair Tips

Our style pro recommends exfoliating our scalp and using products to help hair thicken. “There are a lot of products that I recommend - Nioxin, ACTiiv Hair Science, Groh, and even thickening products that can help give a fuller look for people who have lower density. “

Beard Grooming

Fournier shares she knows many guys are growing our beards out during this time. She recommends getting a beard oil to get past the itchy part as well as keeping it soft.” Adriana suggests “getting a large hard plastic thick comb for trimming once it's past the stage for a beard trimmer.” For proper beard care, she coaches us to “ get your hands-on proper beard products - Argan oil, Moroccan oil and even a very small amount of coconut oil as a last resort will help soften the beard.”

Take care, be safe, and you’ve got this!

We thank Adriana for her expert advice! ​

You can find her studio here.

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