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Know Why You Should Blow Your Car Dry Right Now

Want to know a great technique to keep your car’s paint in great shape? 

In a word -  air.

As we’ve shared in some other articles, most of the damage to your car’s paint is due to improper washing or drying techniques. These produce swirls and scratches that require compound and polish to remove.

The good news is that there are a few tweaks you can make to your wash routine to enjoy more glow, and avoid this damage.

Check out the steps and options below to up your vehicle drying game!

5 Steps to Properly Dry Your Vehicle

Step One

Use a proper wash technique and be sure to rinse your car well.

Step Two

If possible, get your vehicle out of direct sun.

Step Three

Use a blower to dry your car (look for three options below).

Step Four

If you need to use a towel, make use of a drying agent or detail spray, with a good drying towel. Always use straight lines – no wax on wax off.

Step Five

Enjoy the glow!

Vehicle Blowing Options

1. Purpose Built Small


Low Chance of Damage

Some Additional Drying Required

There are several options here that meet most budgets and make a great difference in drying vehicles. You can use these to blow dry wheels, blow water out of difficult, and remove the bulk of water from your vehicle. You will need some additional microfiber towel drying, ideally with a drying agent or detail spray. This is not a bad way to go, as you can easily cover the tiny missed spots that can occur and inspect your paint. I recommend Chemical Guys JetSpeed or Cyclone Blower for drying, Woolly Mammoth and Microfiber Tech for towels and Griot's Speed Shine for detail spray. You only need a very light spray as you do this.

2. Purpose Built Large


Low Chance of Damage

No Additional Drying Required

There’s really one industry standard here, and that’s the Master Blaster.  This meaty machine can completely blow dry your car. However, plan on wearing hearing protection as the air noise on your vehicle is significant. This powerful tool removes every ounce of water from your vehicle, avoiding any physical contact. It is very well built and will last a lifetime. There are two sizes, and the model with the two 4hp engines is worth it.

However, it does take about the same amount of time as the other techniques here. If you are just starting off, or looking to save time, this may not be the perfect tool for you. If you are a pro detailer and have ear protection, you may love this tool.

3. General Purpose


Medium Chance of Damage

No Additional Drying Required

If you are looking for similar results from the purpose-built machines, for a lot less money, you may want to consider an electric blower.


Warning – the tip of this device will scratch your paint easily, and you need to be very careful when using this. That said, with the right technique (top to bottom, and preferably blowing the garage/driveway area before washing) – this is a great way to go. You can also use this blower to quickly remove debris from “trashed” vehicle's interiors or truck beds.

This is one of those detail secrets that many shops may not admit to, but use on a regular basis. They are inexpensive enough to use for car drying only (recommended). Here are our recommended cordless and wired models. Given a choice on these two, go wired!

You are now in the know - like a detail pro. 

With one of these tools, and the simple five-step approach, you are now set-up to best dry your vehicle.

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