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Learn How to Make a Detailer’s Best Friend Work For You

Do you ever notice your vents are really dusty, or certain parts of your car interior are difficult to clean?

Or, do you notice build-up around your ride’s badging, grille or wheel lug nuts?

There are two great options here - we’ll share with you the least expensive one in this post.

One of the very best, and most simple, tools every detailer and car enthusiast should have is a set of boars hair detail brushes. Here’s a reasonably priced set to consider.

Here are six ways you can use these to more easily and effectively clean your car:

  1. Interior Vents - Your air vents often accumulate dust and grime, and can be difficult to clean. Using your favorite interior cleaner, or an all purpose cleaner (APC) with a 10:1 dilution, spray the detail brush with the solution. Then gently agitate the vents with the brush. Wipe clean with a microfiber. 
  2. Hard to Reach Interior Spots - Often parts of your vehicle console can collect crumbs and debris. Sometimes even compressed air and vacuuming don’t remove these. Simply spray your detail brush with your APC (10:1 dilution) and brush the area. It may take a couple applications like this. Afterwards, wipe clean with a microfiber.
  3. Leather Seat Cleaning - This is one of my favorite ways to clean leather seats. Make sure to vacuum thoroughly first. Using your favorite leather cleaner, liberally spray the surface of the seat and the detail brush. Using small circles, gently agitate the cleaner on the surface. Immediately wipe with a microfiber towel. You may want to repeat this process. With the two cracks at the edge of the seat, gently pull - slightly, to reveal the crevice to be cleaned.
  4. Gunk Around Badges - During your wash process, you can easily get at the gunk using a detail brush. After rinsing, make sure the area you want has plenty of soap on it. Apply 10:1 APC to a detail brush and the badge area. Gently (do not push) agitate the badge area. Rinse immediately and review if you need to repeat. 
  5. Vehicle Grilles and Trim - Similar to your badge cleaning process, make sure the area has been rinsed and washed. While wet and soapy, apply 10:1 APC to the area and detail brush. Agitate the area to clean it well. It may take a little time for this detail. Rinse thoroughly.
  6. Wheels - Your wheels should be the first part of your car that you watch. You can read our post on the best wash process for more detail here. After rinsing and applying your wheel cleaner (or spray 10:1 APC) on the wheel and agitate 

In general, have a seperate set of detail brushes for interior and exterior. You can use a sharpie to label them so you remember.

Detail brushes clean pretty easily with soap/water. Rinse thoroughly, of course.

Remember to always spray the product on the brush - never touch a dry brush to a surface.

If you are looking for an easy way to carry detail products and your brushes, this belt is one of my favorite detail accessories. You can put a couple cleaners, your brushes, and a few microfiber towels. You’ll spend less time running around for things and be able to complete the job in less time.

If you have fun detailing your own vehicles, consider checking out our detail side hustle course. We show you a proven way to easily make $900-$2k a month, and still have time for friends, family and your full-time career.

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