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New Year's Resolutions Failing? 

If so, you are not alone. Over 60% of New Year's Resolutions people give up on within a few weeks. Even with the best intentions, excitement and commitment, we often fall short and give up.

Brain science shows us this isn't a matter of trying harder or working more. If it was, you would have already achieved your goals.

Behavioral science helps us understand that we all often have a movie playing that shows a predetermined outcome, often not one of success, filling our systems. The option of these new goals isn't achievable in this current movie that is playing. 

The good news is that we can help you change on that, using evidence-based practices and brain science. You can change the movie to be one you want to watch.

Learn How To Hack Your Brain

Evidence-Based Tools

Proven Results

What's so special about this program?

This program is fundamentally different in that you will get a new operating system, or movie, to live your life from. You will learn what thousands of successful athletes, artists, and entrepreneurs know and practice. 

Part of this is understanding how your brain's RAS system work. You see, all of your senses are routed through this part of your brain. Think of it as a giant Google filter that brings up the most relevant information. That filter is heavily influenced by past events, and an ancient survival instinct.

Sometimes that survival instinct says things like "when you tried that before, you failed, so don't try it again." This instinct isn't evil, it's seeking to keep you safe. For example, if you burned yourself on fire, you don't want to do that again. However, what if you wanted to use fire to cook with or keep warm? Then that belief wouldn't be so useful.

With this program, you can add to and replace these beliefs. Often, how we use our RAS system shapes our life and outcomes more than we know. Too many programs get us excited for a short time, but fail to help us reprogram our operating systems, our movies and messages, to enjoy long term success.

Designed to Be Easy for Your Busy Life!

  • Lessons are short, direct, and easy to consume
  • Courses are evidence-based and will ensure your success
  • You can do this at your own pace, from anywhere!

You'll Make a Real and Lasting Transformation

Along with hacking your brain's belief and processing system, a real transformation requires new patterns, and habits changing. 

This sounds difficult at first glance, and often experiences of "failed" efforts tell us that this is impossible. A few things can shape this so you can achieve the life you truly desire.

  • Empathy - thank your protective systems for doing their job, and let them know you appreciate them.
  • Take Out the Trash - Let go of beliefs and ideas that do not produce positive results for you.
  • Envision the Future - Freely focus on the end state you want - no judgements  what does that look like? Smell like? Feel like?
  • Take Action - Create a concrete, action-plan and take immediate steps, right now and every day.
  • Practice - Use evidence-based approaches, every day, to ensure your ongoing success and ability to overcome obstacles.

In our program, we have three mini workshops and eight practices that help you accomplish all of this, and move your life in amazing directions!

You can have the life you want!

Yes, really and yes, you!

What more important investment is there than your success? 

You are absolutely worth it!

Welcome to the Life You Deserve

Welcome to the LEAP 3+8 Approach !!!

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What Our Customers Say

Marci C

LEAP 3+8 was great! So much better than other online courses I have taken.

This was conversational and so informative. Awesome!

Kelly C

The workshops and practices moved me forward, big time!

Other programs got me excited, but didn't produce the results LEAP did. Highly recommend!

Mark L

This is a game-changer and worth 10x what it costs. It's like 5 seminars combined into one. Very easy to follow, practical, and I'm seeing real results. You should write a book!